Not everyone in Rebels needs to die…

The thing about The Clone Wars is that we knew that most of the main characters were going to die.  It was inevitable.  We’d already seen where the story heads.

Star Wars Rebels, however, doesn’t actually have the same weight and can have some very different outcomes for its main characters.  Now that we’ve finished the first Season, we’ve gotten sort of attached to this new band of characters.  We’ve seen them encounter some of our old favorites too: Lando, Tarkin, R2D2 & C3PO.  But all the new folks don’t have to die.  Let’s see how.

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The Prequels and The Clone Wars are, in many ways, dictated by the dialog provided by Obiwan Kenobi in the original trilogy.  We know who the Jedi are.  We know Vader helped murder the Jedi.  We know the Emperor took over the Republic.  We also know Luke and Leia are Vader/Anakin’s kids.  We know their mother died.  We even have some anecdotes about Anakin and Obiwan’s relationship.

And that’s kind of everything that happens in the prequel movies and series with a lot of elements filled in with varying levels of effectiveness (meaning Jar Jar didn’t have to happen).  In short, we know the state of the world in which the Prequels and The Clone Wars needed to take place.

But Rebels doesn’t have to have these same shackles.  There are several loop holes provided by the original trilogy dialog that can insinuate some uncertainty in these characters destiny.


Neither Ezra, Kanan, nor Ahsoka have to die

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“Only a fully-trained Jedi… can conquer Vader and his emperor.” ~ Yoda

“When gone am I, the last of the Jedi will you be.” ~ Yoda

The Jedi is an order of force-users and not all force-users are Jedi.  Technically, Ezra, Kanan and Ahsoka aren’t Jedi.  They never finished their training and left the order (or the order was killed).  So… they’re not Jedi.  So Yoda wasn’t talking about them…perhaps.

So what can we do with this loophole?  Having them die certainly would fit with the heroism we would expect.  But they don’t have to either.

Here are options:

Their powers are somehow diminished/impeded making them incapable of confronting Vader.

Carbonite? Also a terrible option, but if it’s really creative, I could buy in.  But this is the equivalent of being in a coma on your favorite soap opera.  It’s weak.


Everyone’s alive, but are otherwise deemed not powerful enough to defeat Vader. As such, they’re hiding and playing other roles.

This seems a bit weak also.  Why take such heroic characters and put them on desk duty during a Rebellion they kinda started?  Could they become The Bothan spies? (note that the Official Canon doesn’t characterize the nature of the Bothan spies though they were pretty well fleshed out in several of the Expanded Universe books, esp. those written by Timothy Zahn).


Or maybe they die.

“You, my friend are all that’s left of their religion.” ~ Grand Moff Tarkin

“That boy was our last hope” ~ Obiwan Kenobi

“No… there is another.” ~ Yoda

“The other Yoda spoke of is your twin sister.” ~ Obiwan Kenobi

Or is it? Did Obiwan know everything about everyone?

Let’s just think through it a second: how would they die/be removed from the story?

  • Vader and/or the Inquisitor kills them.

This would actually be awesome, if tragic.  The Vader / Ahsoka story line would also be epic.  Vader’s response to Ahsoka would further underscore how far he’d fallen from his former self.

  • They die heroically and, in the process, strengthen the Rebel Alliance.

This would also be great, albeit a bit expected.  It would also seem like a great way to punctuate the theft of the Death Star plans


Now that the the first season is over, and we’ve seen several main characters (enemies) die and more friends uncovered, it seems like most bets are off (we know what happens to Lando and Vader…).  So there’s plenty of opportunity for these characters to continue into the future, even Episode VII.