Who Is Fulcrum?

The most mysterious character on Star Wars Rebels is Fulcrum.  Fulcrum is a leader/manager/point person for our band of Rebels.  But we don’t know who Fulcrum is exactly.  Since we don’t yet know the identity of Fulcrum and probably won’t on Monday’s season finale, it might be fun to speculate a bit.


  • Probably female (from audio recordings)
  • Has strong combat senses
  • Understands gorilla resistance tactics
  • Can gather and surreptitiously disseminate information


Ahsoka Tano

Copyright Lucasfilm.

The smart money is betting on Ahsoka Tano, Anakin’s padowan who left the Jedi Order at the end of The Clone Wars.  As I stated in my previous post, it’s almost certain that Ahsoka is Fulcrum.  But we don’t actually know for sure and there’s enough evidence to introduce some doubt.

One is Fulcrum’s appearance.  We’ve only seen Fulcrum via hologram wearing a large (jedi-looking) hood.  But it doesn’t quite match the shape of Ahsoka’s hood that we saw in Clone Wars.  So it’s possible that Ahsoka isn’t Fulcrum.

It also seems more proper to have a Jedi/Force-user at the center of a rebellion.


Princess Leia

“I’ve traced the Rebel spies to her.” ~ Darth Vader

From The Making of Return of the Jedi, J.W.

After Vader captured Tantive IV in the (spectacular) opening to Star Wars, we are informed in very few terms the role that Princess Leia plays with the Rebellion.  It’s possible that Leia is Fulcrum.  But being referred to as a “spy” seems vastly different than being a “mastermind” or “central agent”.  So my bet wouldn’t be that Fulcrum is Leia.

But who better to be Fulcrum?  Leia’s character would further be elevated from being a diplomat moonlighting as a rebel spy to being a central figure of the alliance.  Again, not my bet, but that would be juicy.


A Committee

 I am not a committee! ~ Princess Leia

Copyright Lucasfilm.

It’s possible that Fulcrum is many individuals.  This would further underscore the precedent of defining groups by different names (“red”, “gold”, “rogue”, etc).  It’s actually an interesting way of running a rebellion…  But that’s not how you write a drama.


Someone New

Someone we don’t know about?  That might also be interesting.  A Joan of arc type character would be a fascinating character to reveal through and would be a fun addition to the Star Wars Universe.

It’s also important to note that most of the top candidates are female characters.  We shouldn’t overlook the significance of this in the realm of science fiction.