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The first season of Star Wars Rebels is just about in the bag and it’s been a great ride so far.  Although there are even rumors that Rebels will only be around for a few seasons, there could be something bigger to come in this series.  What’s also been awesome for Star Wars fans has been the opportunity to see a world the reflects more closely to that of the original trilogy.  We’ve been able to see friendly faces in Lando Calrissian voiced by Billie D himself.  We even got a cameo from Yoda, voiced by Frank Oz.  I’m not counting that Darth Vader cameo… it was aweful. Anthony Daniels also reprized his (voice) role of C-3PO.  And was that the Tantive IV at the end of Droids in Distress? What characters or locations could we see that might be exciting?


“I’ve been looking forward to this for a long time.” ~ Greedo

Let’s get something straight: Han Solo shot Greedo… first.

But they were also very familiar with each other before the… mess.  Han & Greedo had some serious beef.  Why did Greedo want to (almost) shoot Han so badly?  Rebels I think would be a great venue to learn more about Greedo and how awesome – or hapless – he is as a bounty hunter.

Word on the street is that we may a Star Wars movie that features Han and Boba Fett.  If done well, I’d love to see that.  But if you’re going to bring a Han Solo story to the Disney Channel, I think Han vs Greedo is a better story line.


Biggs Darklighter

“They’ll never stop us!” ~ Biggs Darklighter

Biggs Darklighter and Luke Skywalker on Tatooine. Copyright Lucasfilm.

Biggs Darklighter was a friend of Luke Skywalker who joined the Rebel Alliance who we see in the Battle of Yavin (he was the last x-wing fighter to be destroyed).  We also see him reunite with Luke just before they attack the first Death Star in Episode IV in the re-released Star Wars Special Editions.  However, there were several other scenes that were shot for the Episode IV that were cut, though they were always part of the original story (they’re also in the Star Wars novels).

It would be great to revisit this character and see his arc in how he joins the Rebel Alliance. There’s also the tantalizing opportunity to make references to Luke Skywalker.  It would be great to bring more meaning to his character, especially since most of what we know of him is dying in the Battle of Yavin.



“Dantooine…  They’re on Dantooine.” ~ Princess Leia

Dantooine is the false location of the rebel base that Princess Leia offered to Tarkin.  It had the remains of a rebel base but had been abandoned for some time.

That’s as good an invitation as any to use this as a setting for the early Rebel Alliance.


Yavin 4

“I grow tired of asking so it’ll be the last time. Where is the hidden rebel base?” ~ Tarkin

The opening credits indicate that the Death Star plans were stolen from the rebels from their hidden rebel base.  It would be pretty awesome to see the role the Yavin 4 base plays in this saga.




Copyright Lucasfilm.

Remember that long-nose bounty hunter who followed Luke and Obiwan around Mos Eisley?  I always thought he was cool and mysterious and must have had an awesome back story.  There could be a great opportunity to bring him into this story line instead of relying too heavily on Boba Fett.


Garven Dreis “Red Leader”

“Stay there, I just lost my starboard engine.” ~ Red Leader

Luke Skywalker, Garven Dreis, Biggs Darklighter. Copyright Lucasfilm.

Garven Dreis was the only person not named Luke Skywalker to get a shot off on the Death Star in the Battle of Yavin.  He also died quite heroically having been shot down by Darth Vader himself.  It would be great to learn more of his back story and see other acts of his heroism.


Lando (again)

“Lando conned somebody out of it.” ~ Han Solo

“Somebody must have told them about my little maneuver in the Battle of Taaneb.” ~ Lando Calrissian

I already suspect Lando could have a few exciting episodes in the future.  But there’s actually a lot of fodder to bring Lando into the series.  We already know he owned the Millennium Falcon at least once.  We know Han Solo got the better of him “a long time ago” (in ESB).  And we know he conned somebody out of Cloud City.

And we have no idea of what this battle of Tenaab is.  It could be something quite central which may raise thoughts about a role he could play in a prequel movie involving the Rebel Alliance.  Who knows, but it could be an interesting tidbit.  There’s just so many things we could do with Lando that would be interesting.


Princess Leia

“You are part of the Rebel Alliance and a traitor.”  ~ Darth Vader

Vader said it – Princess Leia is a part of the Rebel Alliance.  This whole Star Wars Saga starts with Princess Leia trying to reach Tatooine with the Death Star plans to find Obiwan Kenobi and take him to Aldaraan.   So it stands to reason that Princess Leia could make some type of appearance in this series, even if only a cameo near the end.

And to take it up another notch…


Vader & Leia

“Don’t act so surprised Your Highness.  You weren’t on any mercy mission this time.” ~ Darth Vader

“I have traced the rebel spies to her.” ~ Darth Vader

These lines seems to imply that Vader and Leia had at least one other encounter in the recent past.  It also states that Vader has taken a personal, active role in identifying who and where the Rebels are.  This could mean a lot of opportunity to feature Princess Leia AND Vader.

My guess is, though, there will be one of these prequel movies made that features these types of interactions Vader and Leia are just too important of characters to waste on a weekly cable show.  It would be nice though.


Asajj Ventress

I really liked Ventress’ character from TCW.  She was evil, committed and powerful.  Like Ahsoka, we don’t know what happened to her character.  So Rebels would be a great opportunity to see her in action again (perhaps something selfless or heroic would be a nice precursor to Anakin/Vader).

Quick soapbox: There are too many dudes in Star Wars and it’s rather ridiculous.  Princess Leia’s position within the Rebel Alliance as well as other (uncovered) female characters such as Mon Mothma give the opportunity to show strong female characters playing a central role in this Rebellion.  From a sci-fi standpoint, this would be rather ground breaking.  From the perspective of Star Wars – the most popular francise of all time – it sends a grand message about including women in central roles in these types of human depictions.

Asajj Ventress I think would add to this pot of complex female characters and bring some very interesting story opportunities to Rebels.


Mara Jade

I won’t go there yet.  As yet, she’s not canon.  But, she’s the most popular character in the Expanded Universe / Legends Universe.  So, this would be a great opportunity to make her Canon.  But so is a movie – she’s that big of a character.


Honorable Mentions (that I may fill in later):

  • Wedge Antilles and Rogue Squadron
  • Mon Mothma
  • Bothan Spies
  • Admiral Ackbar
  • General Reikan



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