Reading between the lines of Star Wars Rebels…

If you’ve been watching Star Wars Rebels, you may have a bit of frustration on the scope of the action thus far.  We’ve seen a number of cute stories with seemingly innocuous plot lines. It seems that the Star Wars folks have been a bit conservative to (a) make sure the series gains and audience and (b) to establish the various characters.  But if you look closer, it’s clear that these first dozen or so episodes are setting up a very interesting, dramatic series.  Let’s look at a few things:

In Breaking Ranks the Rebels crew destroyed a transport convoy that was transporting a Kaibur Crystal.

If you don’t know what a Kaibur crystal is, then watch this:

In short, a Kaibur crystal is a crystal that weaponizes a Jedi’s light saber.  In short, it magnifies energy and redirects it (which, as an engineer is heresy, but hey, it’s fun).  In this unfinished Clone Wars series above, the Count Dooku is trying to acquire an enormous one – thought to have only been mythical.  A Kaibur crystal that large could be weaponized to create an incredibly powerful weapon… perhaps one greater than “half the star fleet”.  Death Star.  It’s for the Death Star.  I said it.

And that leads to this….


In Idiot’s Array, the Empire was blockading a planet (Lothal) while forbidding any “unauthorized” mining. 

This was probably the most interesting back-story of all, which was surprising given how Disney-esque the rest of the story was.  It was also pretty well glossed over in the plot overall.

We know why Lando was there (to make money), but it’s not clear why the Empire was there. The immediate speculation here, which I think is a recurring theme, is that Lothal is key to supporting the Imperial Star Fleet (this seems consistent with the story lines in general).  But why would an Imperial blockade be needed for something as routine as building Star Destroyers?

We see in the early scenes in A New Dawn that commercial interests supported the construction of the Imperial fleet.  It did not, however, require a blockade layered on restricted mining access. That’s tantilizingly strange.  The implication, obviously, is that this planet that Lando has penetrated has something to do with the construction of the Death Star.  And it also means that Lando’s story lines could potentially at the heart of it.

Another explanation could be that the Empire could be mining for kaibur crystals as noted above.  It doesn’t make sense why the Empire wouldn’t allow private mining (as noted in the episode) for commodity metal.  But for something more precious they may want to ensure secrecy above all else.

A great speculation could be that Lando’s information network may have led him to find a way to mine for a kaibur crystal (remember Ezra found his own on Lothal) and sell it to the highest bidder.  He might even be able to use it to acquire an entire city in the clouds.

Whatever it is, this type of sub-plot could put Lando in a central role in one of the next few seasons.  And we could also get to see the Millenium Falcon.


Fulcrum is Ahsoka Tano

I hope you figured that out already.  The biggest disappointment in the The Clone Wars series was that it (kinda) ended with Ahsoka leaving the Jedi order.  We never found out what happened to her, but it makes total sense that she could be a central figure in the Rebel Alliance.  There was a Sith at the heart of the separatists and the rise of the Empire that was manipulating the politics of many words.  It makes sense that the resistance would have a Jedi-ish character at its center.

There were many TCW episodes where we see Ahsoka’s leadership skills develop. One series arc involves her helping rebels on Onderon to overthrow a sham king that was propped up by the evil separatists.  This speaks to Ahsoka’s credentials to be a freedom fighter.

In Rebel Resolve, we see Hera speaking to a hologram of a hooded Fulcrum using a disguised voice. (There’s also what appears to be light saber on the table in front of her – more on that later).  This is reminiscent of Darth Sidious’ many communications with his separatist puppets.

There is a great story line to discuss how Hera met Ahsoka and how she became so loyal to her (Hera’s pedigree as a freedom fighter was established in A New Dawn).  Hera clearly is having a crisis with Kanan