There has been an awakening…

“Now that’s a name I’ve not heard for a long time.” ~ Obiwan Kenobi

I’ve had Star Wars my entire life.  I’ve seen every movie in the theater (including when I saw the original star wars an an infant in the late 70’s).  When I was very small, the best way for my baby sitters to get me to stay still or refrain from asking pointed questions was to sit me in front of Star Wars.  It works to this day.

But I’ve also been fortunate to see it evolve – for better or for worse.  I’ve seen the next generation of my family learn to love it too (my favorite was when my little nephew, after seeing Empire Strikes Back – kept taking the light saber I got him for Christmas and hitting my mom in her right wrist).

But I’m also a little old school.  My video games only have two buttons.  My TV is wireless and free…and the size of a boulder.  And my Star Wars start and end with the movies. But I’ve also read the books.  A lot of the books. Though not all of the books.

I love the “new” stuff (although I guess I should just call it “stuff).  I’ve seen just about every Clone Wars episode and I’m a bit obsessed with Rebels.  It’s a bit of a compulsion.  But if you can’t have something that you enjoy this much in your life, then you need to re-evaluate your life’s choices.

When I was in high school I was the Star Wars guy.  My classmates would, for weeks on end, quiz me on Star Wars knowledge.  I got not one answer wrong (or at least not enough for it to have been memorable).  And admittedly, back then there was less of it than there is now.

And yet, we await on a precipice of getting the “more” we’ve always clamored for.  I’m both hopeful and a bit apprehensive of what we’ll get.  But that’s kind of the nature of being a Star Wars fan: a love of what you get from it, and a disdain of its obvious shortcomings.  And yet, we still love.

There has been an awakening.  I’ve been able to re-discover my love of Star Wars.  It’s been a while since I’ve been so fully immersed and it feels good.

This blog will present many of my thoughts on the ongoing developments of Star Wars.  I hope you enjoy them.